A Note From Our Founder

I spent 20 years as an institutional currency broker, working at some of the best broking houses in the world and traded in Cash, Bonds, and Forward Rate Agreements. In the early 1990's I moved into Spot FX and FX Forwards. I regularly closed deals of $25 million and sometimes up to $1 billion per ticket.  Since then I act as an analyst, and commentator and have devised my own Forex educational course. I also act as an advisor and educator for HNWI, financial institutions in the USA and want to make Forex trading available for new retail traders and seasoned professionals alike.


Here at KOS Forex Academy, we have developed a step by step Forex educational training course that covers everything a person needs to know about the currency market, all explained in 25 detailed modules and in bite-size pieces.  At the end of the course, our students are prepared to trade alongside the giants of the industry.


The consultants who assisted in putting the course together are also ex institutional brokers and current traders. We know the market and we understand the way it operates. We began development on the coat tails of the many retail brokers who sprang up across the globe and who now make it possible for people to earn exceptional returns based on the relatively low level of investment needed to gain a foothold in this market.


One of the most incredible things about the Forex market is that over $5 trillion changes hands every day and that a great deal of this liquidity comes about from traders who use technical analysis to enter trades: in other words, they follow patterns on their screens which to tell them when to trade! However, what new traders fail to take into account is that trading is not a get rich gimmick, it's a profession. And like all professions, there is a learning curve to go through in the first instance.


With this in mind, we have developed a system of colour-coded, recurring, chart patterns which are included in the course and which, when used correctly, offer a high probability of consistent winning trades.


Kevin O'Sullivan - Ex institutional Forex Broker

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